Difference a “nearly year” makes.

After working on lighting for a few its, lights/shadows done with shaders now work on all computers(doesn’t mean it runs on all PC’s). At the moment you need a half decent graphics card to run the shaders at an acceptable frame rate. So we will be looking into optimisations to help run the game on lower end hardware! Seen below is the evolution of the game, showing a more zoomed in view and coloured lighting + lots more! 

Progress Update Video

New video update on how the game is looking! Still have many bugs to fix with a few being shown in the video(picking up the key card from too far away, in hand item not animating with the walk cycle). But we are really close to having a full playable demo for you to download and play.

If you have any feedback for use feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email.

Thanks for watching!

Moving website

Hello! Welcome to our new site! We have decided to migrate to WordPress during the latter development of the game due to the ease of uploading development updates to allow more time for game development. After the game has been completed we will start working on a new website.

The game is in its final stages of development, we have 90% of the game mechanics how we would like them but are still polishing parts to make sure they are release ready. The time-consuming part will now be creating levels for the game. The development speed of the game should really start to push on now as all of the developers are returning to university and finishing work so will have a few weeks spare with no other commitments to fully focus on the game.

We have also teamed up with CVJS Music & Productions, and they will be creating the soundtrack for the game, we are really impressed by the standard of work they produce and the music will add greatly to the game.

I won’t state any of the latest updates in this post, that will come soon with a video and hopefully a playable level to get a feel for the game. However, i can say that a lot has been added since the previous videos/posts. Keep posted for the next development update!

Thanks for reading and checking out our work!